The year is 2999,
A war from century’s past still rages. Religion is the strongest force in this world, those without a faith have been eradicated long ago. The churches have taken power and run the countries and the various space colonies. All military and law enforcement is run by said churches.

The church of Pelor have the strongest influence on this world. they have the most land, troops, and funds.

The Silverflame being mostly military to begin with was the most comfortable when the holy war broke out. Having started out the the smallest army, The ruthlessness of their troops have proved that they still have a place in this world. Their mission is still the same as always, Destroy evil in all its forms.

The church of Kord prove that having a warriors heart and mind cannot be taught. known for their brutality on the battlefield and the Lightning weaponry they wield.

The church of Bane have the second most land and funds. The church of Bane may have both the strongest warriors and the most cunning of strategists. When you see the banners of Bane, you know your in for a bad day.

All other Churches are either to small to mention or have been wiped out.

Today is a historical day, today leaders from each of the super powers will gather in the newly constructed “Space negotiation Station” to work on the terms of a peace treaty that will bring a close to the war. The church of Pelor was the first to reach out and offer peace. As a show of good faith, the Church funded 50% of the costs of the “SNS

You have been selected as a security team to protect your Arch Bishop and Arch Paladin.

Be sure to run your final characters by me for final clearance. Be sure not to make anything silly or down right dumb or you will not be cleared to play. Also i’m not requiring you to fill out the questionnaire but i recommend doing it, it really helps with character development. If your Character is not interesting, ill kill you off early. Remember you are HEROS you need to be interesting . You all have my number if you have questions.

- Your DM

Lost Faith

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