Lost Faith

Entry log Eight
Pelor City of ______
Entry log seven
Hall of Justice
Entry log six
City of _______
Entry log five
The Bunker

We got the location of the

Entry Log Four
Cave Of Old World Sliver Flames

Leaving the city of_______. Seems like the comms were down. Well resend logs. Heading to the Hall of Justice.


We stumble upon a cave that we were unsure of (Location 00X,00Y). Drove passed, two man came out of the cave flashed us down & communicated/warned with us through our comms.

Private Anderson, Specialist Dunken, & Mercenaries (Leader-Whiskey). They informed us of “Dummies” aka weird mutated beast like things. They also mentioned something about a “Bunker” which they were posted before the world ended. The Bunker seemed to be off the records location.

Heading to the Bunker to see if the Cardinals might have gone to this shelter after the bombing.


Entry Log Three
City Of Hell Hounds
Entry Log Two
Crazy Town
Entry Log One
We have Landed!
MSG From Paladin Aramoreles
i Should have been updated by now! Did You reach the Halls of Justice? Anyone? Report Damn it!
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