Codename: Hazelblaze

Fire can remove all sins.


THAT__S_NOT_PEPPERMINT.jpgCodename: Hazelblaze
Alias: Hazel
Birthplace: Unknown
Race: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Gender: F
Height: 6’4" / 193cm
Weight: 215 lbs. / 97.5kg
Hair Color: Platinum (White/Light Blonde)
Eye Color: Chartreuse
Skin Color: Copper

Trained Skills:

  • Arcana
  • Intimidate
  • Religion
  • Streetwise

D&D Item – Rod of Corruption
Lost Faith Equivalent – Flamethrower Gun

Repulsion Leather Armor


fukushima-reactor-fire.jpgFound in a massive blaze on the outskirts of The Aftermath, an area so war-torn it was believed to be uninhabitable. A Silver Flame patrol group found her and brought her in. There were no burn marks present on her body.

After a routine examination in the Med Ward, she was decidedly healthy. Due to the peculiar nature of being fireproof as well as having a reptile-like appearance, she was sent Underground for further mental and physical evaluation. She was considered a classified project only known by Codename: Hazelblaze.

Dragon_Eye.jpgHazel passed many difficult trials with ease, especially those involving fire. While her strength and dexterity was normal, she had an uncanny aptitude for fire manipulation and understanding of The Silver Flame religion.

On rare evenings she was permitted out of the facility (cloaked and monitored) to explore the compound and gain a better understanding of her surroundings. She learned the terrain and lay of the land quickly and soon was able to navigate through the streets even on the darkest of nights.

As she matured, she was determined to be suitable to enlist in hand-picked missions for The Silver Flame. Those who serve alongside her are completely unaware that she comes from the Underground in The Silver Flame; they simply think she is just another enlister.

Has thought to be a descendant of Bahamut, so was kept under strict protection of The Silver Flame. Has no recollection of her time before The Silver Flame.


Codename: Hazelblaze

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