Kallista Takeda

An assassin from a secret sect of the Silverflame called the Executioners.


Born from a noble Japanese family that lead in the old world an underworld society called the Yakuza.

Her particular family trained only female assassins. The men were the figure heads of the underworld while the women performed and practice these deadly arts to make sure their family remained the strongest powerhouse in this underworld.

Kallista was trained from the age 6, but did not take out her first target until she was 16. Her target was the son of a very powerful businessmen, to send a reminder that he does not cross the Yakuza. After stalking her prey, she found the best moment to strike and slipped into his chambers as he slept. As she stood over his sleeping body something in her would not allow her finish him off. She doubted herself. Suddenly the young man woke up and started yelling, and at that moment Kallista’s doubts left her as she stuck the sharp end of her kusari-gama into the head of her prey and wrapped the chain around his neck. Unfortunately the yelling alerted his guards and they burst into the room guns blazing.

Kallista quickly grabbed her prey and put him in front of her using him as a meat shield as she backed towards the window she came in. She released her grasp and jumped out the window towards a tree about 10 feet away. The guards rushed to the window and a bullet managed to graze her leg as she fell. She danced around the tree as she descended avoiding any more gun fire and fled the scene. That night she knew the importance of dedication and keeping a clear mind, vowing never again to become distracted by wild thoughts. She had a job to do, and the job was simple. Kill.

Once the great war broke out, the Yakuza were absorbed by the church, knowing that if they did not convert they would be consumed. The church fortunately felt the need for the talents of her people and created a secret sect known as the Executioners of the Silverflame. We would be their right hand, striking down their foes from the darkness, swiftly and mercilessly. The church was the Judge and the Jury, we were it’s Executioners!

Kallista Takeda

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