Arch Bishop Abram (Pelor) DEAD

"Let us stop this needless fighting"


Sex: Male
Race; Human
Height: 5’8
Weight: 185lbs
Age: 55
Hair Color: Grey/White
Eye Color: Light brown/golden
Tittle: Arch Bishop of the Church of Pelor


He has been making headlines in news all over the world for the past 3 years. His first task as Arch Bishop was to stop sending troops into enemy territories for invasion. “The Arch Bishop before me was mad with power and could no longer hear the voice of of our lord Pelor. I aim to undo all the wrong he did by pulling back my forces and publicly apologize to the people of other faiths who have been harmed wrongfully”- Arch Bishop Abram on a live televised broadcasting.
He may have stopped his army from being on the offensive, but by doing so, The Pelorian boarders have never been stronger. Since he has taken command, There has not been an army that could invade Pelorian soil. The armies of Bane have tried and failed on 5 different occasions.
Before he was given the tittle Arch Bishop, Abram served as a battle cleric in the Pelorian special forces “The Burning suns” for 15 years. Members of his unit called him the “Red Cardinal”. Intel gathered on the subject: Red cardinals are a sign of death or a bad omen in the Pelorian faith.

Arch Bishop Abram (Pelor) DEAD

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